Youth Leadership Program


Set It Up - District 38 2003-2005 Distinguished District


song from the Princeton Youth Group.

Toastmasters International’s Youth
Leadership Program
(YLP) is
an informal course in communications created to help develop
the speaking and leadership skills of young people ages 8 to 17.

The program is designed as an interactive workshop to be conducted
in eight sessions, each session lasting 1-2 hours. An adult
coordinator and assistant(s) help prepare and monitor the sessions;
however, the young participants themselves conduct the meetings.
At each session, participants learn …

  • Speech preparation & presentation
  • How to conduct meetings
  • Effective listening skills
  • How to evaluate/offer helpful advice
  • Participate in/lead group discussions or meetings
  • Nominate and elect Officer Positions
  • Lead club Members as an Officer or as a Member

Starting a Program

Order the Youth Leadership Information Brochure (Item
#801) and other materials directly from the TI
Supply Catalog or contact a “Club w/YLP Experience”.

Clubs w/YLP Experience:

Area 42-D:

Toastmaster in Unity (#755315)

Camden County Toastmasters (#1189)

Area 44-D:

Moorestown Area (#4887)


Area 60-F:

ETS (#5087)

Successfully Speak Up Toastmasters (#6375)

RWJF (#1154987)

Area 61-F:

Princeton (#3954)

NovoNordisk Toastmasters Club (#1293327)

Area 63-F:

HDR Lawrenceville (#1376)

ML Bull Masters Club (#682559)

You can also contact Jean Shipos, DTM (District YLP Coordinator) at