Successful Club Series

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This set of programs addresses the subject of quality Club meetings and how members can achieve them. It also offers tips on attracting and maintaining a healthy membership level. Each module can be presented during a Club meeting by the VP Education or other member. Most modules are 10-15 minutes in length and include a script and overhead transparencies.

How to recognize and deal with situations critical to club success, from a visitor’s first impressions to recognition of member achievement. Includes a club evaluation chart.

Proven methods to help you seek out those vital new members!

Your club members will learn to give evaluations that benefit the speaker, the evaluator, and the audience!

Exercise your powers of persuasion during those moments when a guest is deciding to join.

Techniques for creating and maintaining a healthy club environment.

How members can successfully fill each meeting role.

A mentor program offers many benefits for your club and its members. This program defines mentoring, explains benefits, and discusses responsibilities of mentors. Includes a Club Mentor Program for starting a mentor program in your club

Discusses the 10 standards that comprise “A Toastmasters Promise”. Includes 25 promise cards.

Find out about learning and leadership opportunities available to members in addition to regular club meetings and activities.

A 10-minute program explaining the 10 goal your club should strive to achieve, why these goals are important, and how to use the Club Success Plan to achieve the goals.*

      • The Toastmasters International Education Program (Cat No. 300)

Help your members become familiar with the benefits of the TI educational program and available awards. This 10-minute scripted program explains the communication and leadership tracks in which members may participate and the CC, ACB, ACS, ACG, CL, ALB, ALS and DTM awards.**