Your Club’s #1 Membership Building Tool

The District’s Program Quality Director is the District 38 contact person for anyone interested in Speechcraft/Youth Leadership programs.  The district will pay for a limited number of Speechcrat/Youth Leadership programs.  Please contact our PQD for additional information on Speechcraft/YLP Programs.

What is Speechcraft

Speechcraft is a program designed to teach non-members public speaking skills. Experienced members of your Club present fundamentals of public speaking in the atmosphere of a Toastmasters Club meeting during four, six, or eight sessions. Speechcraft brings prospective new members into your Club to see, first-hand, what Toastmasters is all about. It is a great way to promote your Club in your community or company.

Speechcraft has several benefits:

  • Participants become a part of the Club meeting. They come to know and enjoy the Club’s fellowship while gaining confidence and training in their communications skills.
  • Many members indicate they joined their Clubs because they participated in a Speechcraft program.
  • Clubs that conduct a Speechcraft program at least once each year have few membership problems.
  • The program gives Club members new opportunities to exercise their communication and leadership abilities.
  • The program also enhances Club programming, which in turn increases interest and attendance among members.

How the Program Works
Speechcraft can be presented as an integral part of your Club meeting or as a seminar-style program presented outside of the club, at a different location and time.

Presenting the program inside of the Club has an advantage: it provides participants with a sample of the Toastmasters Club experience, making it easier for participants to become members at the conclusion of the program. (Five to ten participants are needed.)

Conducting the program outside of the Club has advantages, too:

  • More participants (over 10) can be accommodated because more time is available.
  • Program may be conducted for a particular group, civic club or company at the group’s location.
  • A Speechcraft program outside the Club often leads to the formation of a new Toastmasters Club.

How To Get Started

Order the Speechcraft Starter Kit (Item #205) and other materials directly from the TI Supply Catalog.

Contact a Club w/Speechcraft Experience near you (see sidebar), or ask your Division or Area governor, for tips and ideas on how to carry out a successful program!

Clubs w/Speechcraft Experience:

Area 41D:
Boardwalk (#2677)
Mainland/FAA (#1107)
Speak E-Z (#4414)

Area 42D:
Camden County (#1189)
Moorestown (#4887)
Silver Tongues (#6692)

Area 10A:
Conestoga (#1090)

Area 12A:
West Shore (#0227)

Area 32C:
Bell Noontime (#2988)

Area 14A:
White Rose (#5287)

Area 53E:
Sunrise (#8388)