Membership Building

Membership Building Challenge
Toastmaster International sponsors several membership contests during the year. See the
Membership Flyer
with the details. Check out the brochure below for a fun club membership building contest.

A Simple Membership Building Program (Catalog No. 1621).

Past District 38 Membership Building Contest Winners

Membership Contests include a Smedley Contest in August and September, a Talk-Up Toastmasters Contest in February/March, and a Beat the Clock Campaign in May/June. There are also additional incentives and awards for members who sponsor five or more new members in a Toastmaster Year.

Building Membership – The Key to a Successful Club

Toastmasters International has a large collection of membership building materials that can help your club grow. Many are available free of charge while others cost a small amount. The majority of these items are listed on the First Aid for Your Club Club flier.  (You can view and download the flier by clicking on the link.)

Promotional Materials

There are several promotional brochures available for use by clubs. Some are available free to your club, see  the First Aid for Your Club flier above for details. You can download samples here by clicking on the item’s name. All downloads are in Adobe Acrobat format. Feel free to borrow text from these brochures if your club chooses to create it’s own marketing materials. If you’d like to order copies you can call (949) 858-8255 and ask for the orders department or order through the Toastmasters International Online Catalog.

Brochures & Fliers

Target Marketing Fliers

Membership Growth
(Catalog No. 1159)

Confidence. The Voice of Leadership (Brochure, Catalog No. 101)

Find Your Voice (Brochure, Catalog No. 99)

All About Toastmasters (Brochure, Catalog No. 124)

Clear Communication. Your organization needs it. (Brochure, Catalog No. 103)

Toastmasters. It’s More Than Just Talk (Poster, Catalog No. 367

A Simple Membership Building Program (Flier, Catalog No. 1621)

Membership Building 101 (Flier, Catalog No. 1622)

2008-2009 Shaping Ourselves
(Flier, Catalog No. 1620)