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The Toastmasters International District 38 Hall of Fame honors those members and supporters who have made outstanding contributions to the District.

The Hall brings public recognition to the significant achievements and contributions made towards the enrichment of District 38 and the Toastmasters organization.In addition, the Hall of Fame archives serve as historical records of the District’s past accomplishments.

We appreciate your assistance in updating our district’s historical records. If you know the names of previous award recipients not currently listed or can provide any missing information, please contact our webmaster.

Distinguished District five years in a row

Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year

This award recognizes the member in each District whose educational accomplishments, Club service, dedication and enthusiasm are exceptional.

TM Year Awardee Home Club
2016-2017 Jeanette McVeigh HDR Lawrenceville Toastmasters Club #1376
2015-2016 Gary DeSiver His Toastmasters Voice #6280
2014-2015 Cynthia A. Brown Positively Charged Toastmasters #798761
2013-2014 Michael Kelley Tobyhanna Talkers Toastmasters
2012-2013 Brian Cavanaugh Coatesville VAMC Toastmasters #1772531
2011-2012 Sam Woods Positively Charged Toastmasters  #798761
2010-2011 Cathy Adams and Dave Shlegle Northeast Philly #1134526 and
Successfully Speak Up #6375
2009-2010 Joan Korth-Bradley Pfizer #5189
2008-2009 Tom Pantano His Toastmaster’s Voice #6280
2007-2008 Bill Krouse Now Hear This #465/Going Deep #8801
2006-2007 Audrey Russ Wyeth Club #5189
2005-2006 Jim Marshall Gannett Flemming Toastmasters Club #2658
2004-2005 Rita Jane Smith Philadelphia’s First Toastmasters #541
2003-2004 Jeff Varkonyi White Rose #8388
2002-2003 Veronica “Ronni” Laino Big Blue #6120
2001-2002 Alfred Breaux Rohm & Haas #3735/Blue Bell #397
2000-2001 Cathy Jaggard Mainland/FAA #1107
1999-2000 Ana Ronda CUH2A #1376
1998-1999 Michelle Taylor Zdankiewicz Hershey #2990
1997-1998 Selena Fuller & Mike Wanner  
1995-1996 Lillie Foster Community #4891
1988-1989 Dilip Abayasekara  
1986-1987 James Andrews Gateway #3092
  John Foster Community #4891

Area Director/Governor of the Year

This award recognizes an Area Director/Governor in each District whose service to members, Clubs and the District exemplifies extraordinary leadership.

TM Year Awardee Home Area
2016-2017 Paul Caron Area D40
2015-2016 Deneen O’Shea Area F62
2014-2015 Janet Muscavage Area B20
2013-2014 Michael Anderson Area C24
2012-2013 Gina Napoli and Rhonda Young Areas 11A and D5
2011-2012 Scott Cass Area 26B
2010-2011 Judy Townsend Area 28A
2009-2010 Debbie McKee Area 19F
2008-2009 Meg Fosco Area 25F
2007-2008 Jo Stante Area 5D
2006-2007 Carol Rivera Area 19D
2005-2006 Paula Tomko Area 13A & 6B
2004-2005 Tonya Hartman Area 13A
2003-2004 Veronica “Ronni” Laino Area 17C
2002-2003 Barbara McLemore Area 12A
2001-2002 Cathy Jaggard Area 4D
2000-2001 Carol Graves Area 11A
1999-2000 Cynthia Huber Area 8B
1998-1999 Chris Rio Area 4D
1997-1998 Robert Cranston Area 4D
1983-1984 James Andrews Area 14C
1976-1977 John Foster Area 13A

Division Director/Governor of the Year

This award recognizes a Division Director/Governor in each District whose leadership and commitment have been instrumental in achieving the District Mission.

TM Year Awardee Home Division
2016-2017 Barbara “Basha” McCrumb Division B
2015-2016 Michael Anderson Division B
2014-2015 Kristina Tatum Division F
2013-2014 Barbara Spause Division B
2012-2013 Gary DeSiver Division D
2011-2012 Cathy Adams Division C
2010-2011 Mary Jane Corl Division A
2009-2010 Deborah Darbee Division F
2008-2009 Deborah Darbee Division F
2007-2008 Terrell McMann Division E
2006-2007 Delores McArthur Division G
2005-2006 Gary Nelson Division B
2004-2005 Veronica Laino Division C
2003-2004 Carol Graves Division A
2002-2003 Carol Graves Division A
2001-2002 Jean Shipos Division D
2000-2001 Michelle Taylor Zdankiewicz Division A
1999-2000 V. Sundar Division B
1998-1999 Kathryn Pape Division D
1997-1998 Fannie Howell Division C
1990-1991 Dilip Abayasekara Division A
– ? – John Foster Division A