Competent Communicator Manual

As a Toastmaster you develop your speaking ability in a self-paced environment, one skill at a time. The first 10 speeches make up the Basic Competent Communication Program.

  1. The Ice Breaker is your first speech, to get you started by taking on a subject about which you are the expert (YOU), to introduce yourself, and to find what skills you want to develop.
  2. Organize Your Speech emphasizes organizing your thoughts into a logical sequence by selecting an appropriate outline, creating a strong opening and closing, making your message clear and using appropriate transitions.
  3. Get To The Point focuses on being absolutely clear about what you want your audience to do or know at the end of your talk by determining your topics general and specific purposes.
  4. How To Say It objectives include understanding the functions and uses of the spoken word and selection of the precise words to communicate your ideas clearly, concisely, and vividly.
  5. Your Body Speaks uses stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact to express your message and achieve your speeches purpose.
  6. Vocal Variety explores the use of voice volume, pitch, rate, and quality as tools used by an effective speaker.
  7. Research Your Topic challenges you to prepare a speech by gathering material to support your points and opinions.
  8. Get Comfortable With Visual Aids encourages you to select the visual aids that are appropriate for your message and the audience while allowing you to practice the correct use with ease and confidence.
  9. Persuade With Power gives you the opportunity to practice the skills necessary to convince an audience to accept your proposal or viewpoint by appealing to their own self-interest, building a logical foundation, and arousing emotional commitment.
  10. Inspire Your Audience is the final speech in the Basic Communication and Leadership Program. The objective of this speech is to select a topic about which you feel strongly, analyze your audience’s mood and feelings, and inspire them using all the skills you have developed.