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The Toastmasters International District 38 Hall of Fame honors those members and supporters who have made outstanding contributions to the District.

The Hall brings public recognition to the significant achievements and contributions made towards the enrichment of District 38 and the Toastmasters organization.

In addition, the Hall of Fame archives serve as historical records of the District’s past accomplishments.

We appreciate your assistance in updating our district’s historical records. If you know the names of previous award recipients not currently listed or can provide any missing information, please contact our webmaster.




District 38 Speech Contest Winners
Year International (Spring) Evaluation (Spring) Humorous (Fall) Table Topics (Fall)
2017 Aaron Beverly Pat Rocchi Jerry Shockey Amanda Johnson
2016 Elliot Dennis Elise Mihranian Charlie Wilson Matt Zaun
2015 Dan Hershey George Philip George Philip Lonnie Oglesby
2014 Aaron Beverly Michael Burwell Hemant Marathe John Brown
2013 Aaron Beverly Marianne Ferrara Brian Cavanaugh Douglas Robl
2012 Tahnee Hall Matt Goldberg Brian Cavanaugh  Michael Burwell 
2011 Sherri Waryasz Matt Goldberg Jeff Grossman Michele Guerin
2010 Sue Schick John Howard Ken Krawchuk Dave Bennett
2009 John Howard Diane Lamison Charles Wilson Deb Flage
2008 Michael Donlan Diane Lamison Kevin Stepanuk Shel Taylor
2007 Shawn Doyle John Bell John Howard Alan Earnshaw
2006 Pat Rocchi Alan Earnshaw Darien Marshall Pat Rocchi
2005 Deja Wilford Ken Krawchuk Pat Rocchi  
2004 Jean Shipos Jean Shipos Robert Hartfield Danielle Oldhman
2003 Diane Krakoski Craig Bickel Pat Rocchi Tim Tilson
2002 Craig Bickel Jack Levitt Jerone Deutsch James Andrews
2001 Rosemary Robinson Jervay George Scherer Dan Barto Ken Krawchuk
2000 Sandy Schussel Robin Kavanagh Keith Straw Donald Krentzman
1999 Christine Lawrence Jean Shipos Elliot Dennis Sharon (Mondloch) Nittinger
1998     Rosemary Robinson Jervay Gregory Gurican
1997   Valerie Manso Dinu Shah Pete Majkowski
1996 Steve Fingerman Bridget Ragan David Wright Donald Krentzman
1995 Karrol Alexander   Doug Diggins Dale Coleman
1994 Terry Schutt   Virginia Moseley Ruth Dameron
1993     Terry Shutt  
1992 Terry Schutt James Andrews    
1991     Bryan Zeiner  
1990     Joy Dietz  
1989 Dilip Abayasekara Paul Reitman    
1988     Bob Serafin Dilip Abayasekara
1987     Steve Fingerman Mark Serafino
1986 Bruce Littlejohn     Barnard Doogue
1985 Henry Borenson Gloria Sokolowski    
1984   Fred Vanvorhees