Club Sponsor

Be a Club Sponsor!

Are you an enthusiastic, experienced Toastmaster who has served as a Club Officer and earned at least a CC? If so, consider becoming a Club Sponsor to further develop your leadership skills.

What Does a Club Sponsor Do?
A Club Sponsor guides and assists a newly forming club until it receives its charter. This guidance and assistance includes the following:

• Show the group interested in forming the Toastmasters Club what they need to do.
• Alleviate any remaining doubts they may have.
• Help the group establish regular club meetings.
• Fill meeting roles to set an example for club members.
• Assist the group in selecting interim Club Officers. Ensure that these officers understand their responsibilities.
• Work with the club to establish ongoing recruitment efforts.
• Ensure that interim Club Officers understand the requirements for chartering their club.
• Assist the Club Officers in completing the charter paperwork.
• Serve as a resource person to the club for any questions they have about meeting procedures or Toastmasters guidelines.
• Keep District Officers informed of the club’s progress. Ask for a Club Mentor as soon as the club approaches charter strength.

W. I. I. F. M. ?
You may be asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?” While no two of us are exactly alike, here are some ways that being a Club Sponsor may benefit you.
• Earn credit toward  your Advanced Leader Silver award recognition.
• Achieve the final step in earning President’s Distinguished Area or Division
• Gain the real-world experience of building a new organizational unit from the ground up.
• Get recognition from district officers as they show appreciation for your efforts.
• Gain satisfaction from helping others meet their personal goals.
• Leave a legacy of a healthy, thriving Toastmasters Club that you started!

If you are interested, please contact our District Trio to get on the list of qualified candidates. This role is appointed by the District Director.