Club Coach

Be a Club Coach!
The objective of the Club Coach program is to help struggling clubs become Distinguished Clubs by providing guidance and support. Some of the specifics are:

• The club will have 12 or fewer members at the time of appointment
• Up to two coaches may be appointed to each club
• The coaches may not be members of the club at the time of appointment (the coaches typically join after being assigned)
• The assignment lasts to the end of the current club year if the club reaches distinguished status or better, or the end of the subsequent club year if Distinguished Club status or better is not reached in the first year
• Credit toward Advanced Leader Silver is awarded upon successful completion
• A certificate will be sent to the club coaches upon successful completion
• Districts are asked to publicly acknowledge appointments and successes

Club Coaches don’t run the club – they just support the members who are doing the work and will get the credit for success. Club Coaches get their own guidance from district leaders.

If you are interested in serving as a club coach, or know of someone else who may be interested, contact your Area Director and request that the Area Director submit your name or the other person’s name to the District Director for appointment.